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Openner Local

Openner Local accelerators are globally networked, locally operated 90 day programs that provides resources, training, and funding to promising early stage founders.


Openner Capital
Seed Funding

We invest in founders we can fuel to move fast and forward with the power of our ecosystem network engine. The bold, the daring, the executors in early-stage companies with category defining visions and potential.

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Openner Labs

Early stage startups need more than cash, they need resources and experts to help them build up strategies, network, resources, infrastructure, and develop and mature as leaders in their industries.

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Openner Hive

Beautiful spaces designed for productivity and collaboration, startups who are accepted into our global accelerator programs get 24/7 access for their teams to work, connect, brainstorm, design, and also collaborate with the Labs team to get innovation done.

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Openner Community
Events & Outreach

We, at Openner, believe in innovation. We strengthen local startup communities and actively engage with startup founders, mentors, partner organizations and more to create an environment where innovation never stops and entrepreneurship thrives.

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Openner Social Fund
Micro Funding

We micro-fund women-led ventures in economically disadvantaged regions who are working on social initiatives. Our Openner Local accelerators reserve seats to help these women create jobs, and transform their lives as well as the lives of those their ventures help.

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Openner Startups

We fund, architect, resource, and teach early stage founders helping them develop their innovation, strategy, sales, and networks. information supported by a community of mentors. Our portfolio of startups address unique problems across many industries.

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