Openner Community

Events & Outreach

Where people collide, ideas ignite, and the spark of innovation is born.


We, at Openner, believe in innovation. We strengthen local startup communities and actively engage with startup founders, mentors, partner organizations and more to create an environment where innovation never stops and entrepreneurship thrives. Over the years, we have built a support system for startups to help them make better decisions throughout their startup journey.

We know that developing a startup is a tedious job. It takes a lot of sweat and unnerving red flag moments to build a dream or dent a change into the world. Startup founders walk a thin rope to success, leaning in one direction or other, balancing precariously all the time, inching forward, and hoping not to plunge. But startups, you don’t have to do it alone!

We celebrate innovation, commitment and entrepreneurship, and develop communities and create leaders to support founders regardless of whether they are in our program or not.

the startup community
is where the ecosystem begins and ends

We know how hard it is to found a venture, and having at it alone is not easy walk. We connect with startup founders at the critical stages of their ideas forming by providing:

  • Events to provides knowledge to help shape new ideas.
  • Office Hours with strategic and skilled mentors to support startups at each stage
  • Online startup challenges to validate new ideas
  • Pitch platforms to share ideas
  • Meetups to connect the community
  • Connections to and collaboration with other startup communities.

Openner connects and collaborates with communities to strengthen the ecosystem. We are dedicated to providing value and support organizations sharing our vision.