Seed Funding

We invest in the bold, the daring, the executors in early-stage companies with category defining visions and potential.

we create global networks
to power local clusters

Our model is predicated on building a globally connected startup ecosystem that fosters and taps into local industry clusters and technology talent pool of where the Openner Accelerators operate, to scale innovative startups through connecting them globally, yet supporting them locally to fortify their ventures into globally scalable innovations.

early stage startups

with category defining
vision and drive

We partner early at the accelerator, seed, and series A stages of a venture’s growth. We look for committed, category defining, vision driven founders with potential for high growth who are plugged into their local ecosystems.

By Investing in Startups that have passion to reshape the future, we seek investments that leverage:

Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
Social Experiences
Emerging Peer-to-Peer Exhanges

we are value creators
through a Venture Builder Model

 Traditional Venture CapitalOpenner Venture Builder
FundingDirect methods (cash injection, etc)Direct and Indirect funding; Salary, Product Development, Legal, Marketing, Business Development, Back-Office
TechnologyA prototype, if not a MVP, is required beforehandCan be jointly or entirely done by Openner core development team
Workspace & HiringVenture Capital can recruit executive and advise. No work spaceCo-working space (in select locations) and talents available in place
MarketingSolely entrepreneur’s initiativeEarly marketing strategy and setup will be done by Venture Builder
Trainings & mentorshipUsually mentorshipTrainings and mentorship including Micro-degrees in specific technology areas; Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence
Administration and LegalSolely entrepreneur’s initiativePlugged into Openner infrastructure
Company cultureDefined by EntrepreneurOpenner culture, until the business stands and run on its own with its own staff.
Proven track record or user sizeRequired. Traction should have been kick-startedNot pre-requisite. Strategic partnership, commitment, and experience are more important with Openner’s Business Network
EquityVenture Capital takes less equityOpenner takes between 8% and 12%
Risk sharingVenture Capital takes less risk, thus a harder selection processOpenner takes on much more risk.
Industry preferencePortfolio of Venture Capital can be diverseOpenner is very selective and focuses on specific technology interests (see below)
Expectation on entrepreneurReturn on investmentExecution; Speed to scale is important
ExitVenture Capital firm holds to achieve 10x-30x Exits over a long period of timeOpenner encourages faster exits that are favorable to the entrepreneur

provide funding

to early stage founders
through the global accelerators

Our ethos at Openner Capital is shaped by our empathy for founders, the partners at Openner Capital have all founded, operated, and scaled successful technology ventures, and we believe in the power of innovation ecosystems as a catalyst for startup growth.

We invest in founders we can fuel to move fast and forward with the power of our ecosystem network engine. The bold, the daring, the executors in early-stage companies with category defining visions and potential.

Dependent on the location and macro-economics of the regions, the talent pool and network of the founders, we will invest not only capital, but fund the resourcing, provide space, and talent to truly build scalable ventures.

to support and scale

with strategic resources
in addition to capital

We help early stage startup build extreme-scale businesses and help them cross the chasm by providing strategic value add resources. Startups need more than capital. We provide Expertise, Strategies, Connections, Mentorship, Leadership Development Skills, and ultimately RESOURCES in Product Development, Product Distribution, and Company Infrastructure to help them go from startup ventures to category-leading enterprises in their market niches.

Learn more about the Openner Local Accelerators, or view our portfolio.

meet the trailblazers.

helping startups
beat the odds

A powerful ecosystem backing exceptional teams.