Openner Labs

Venture Building Resources

We are the gears, the engine, the fuel, the manpower – we will help you take flight.

innovation experiments
need measurable results

Openner Labs is where you put your startup experiments through thorough testing. We are a venture resource and builder that partners with early stage founders in niche and emerging markets. We co-create innovations, design from the MVP to the next big version partnering with founders create extreme scale technologies to emerge as category defining leading enterprises.

We help with every faucet of venture building – other than coming with the idea and vision.

venture architects and
tactical resources on your team

Openner labs has the best in market talent who are top of their fields, who know startups, and can work through market adoption stages to deliver the right solution for the right challenge, at the right time with the highest of quality and strategic insight.

Emerging founder often think that they need money, but they really need a better strategy, and resources to execute on that strategy. That’s where we come in.

Strategic Design

Future proofing ventures for scale and defensibility.

Venture Architecting

Strategic blueprints in growth, operations, and product.

Product Development

Scalable and secure application design and engineering.


From traction testing to scaling through marketing, BD, and sales.

Customer Experience Design

From brand awareness to post delivery support, customer centric design.

Product Roadmaps

From MVP design to integrating customer feedback with continuous integration.

Operational Support

The nuts and bolts, help with backoffice and administrative needs.

Infrastructure support

From cloud hosting to employee manuals, we have your infrastructure covered.

Legal and Finance

Expert legal resources and finance strategists certified and top in their fields.

Partnering through
network accelerators

Openner lab resources work closely with accelerator program leadership, and work alongside the founders and galvanize the learnings from the accelerator program sessions to iterate on technology solutions, marketing and sales strategies, and the building of an company infrastructure that matches the business model the founder is pursuing.

Learn more about how Openner Labs partners with Openner Local and Openner Capital Portfolio companies.