Openner Social Fund


We are funding rural women lead enterprises by
seeing through the lens of opportunity, and changing the cultural mindset…

Changing Circumstances…
opening doors

It’s a common-known statistic that women led ventures are rarely funded, or given the same opportunities as their male-led rivals.

Furthermore, in some regions where Openner Accelerators operate,  despite numerous attempts in the forms of laws, social movements, awareness programs it is still unfortunate that circumstances facing women to empower them to support or share in supporting their families are still very unfavorable.

Women have far less doors open, and opportunities when it comes to starting a business, secure a loan or in most circumstances securing jobs.

At Openner, we want to change those circumstances by investing in Women lead Small Enterprises and by providing the required services to ensure their success and their sustainable growth

Removing Barriers ….
Funding Independence

We do not believe that women are disadvantaged, we believe that women have amazing power, acumen, and ethics that often lead to amazing enterprises. We don’t see our micro-fund as a charity that helps women, we see it as a strategic advantage – an incredible access to talent otherwise overlooked. We do not want women to even think that they are remotely disadvantaged. Our aim is to remove those barriers, make a dent and change the metrics in the gender division of labor, and ultimately, we want to fund independence and truly empower women by removing any mindsets of disadvantage. We are honored to have the privilege to invest in these women led ventures.

Commitment to Women
Led Ventures

At Openner, we are committed to ensuring there is an enormous representation in our accelerators for women led ventures. We are committed to having women leaders actively leading our accelerators, having an equal amount of women mentor, and leading by doing. We aim to change the lens of startups culture, to be one representative of the population. And we do it because we believe that we will benefit by investing equally in entrepreneurs and talent –consciously and systematically removing any gender bias.