We are not resources, we are your team and your partner

Our Management team is supported by over 150+ members provides all the resources that a startup needs to accelerate market success

Dedicated to
your journey

Our dedicated teams of; Software Engineers, Tests, User Experience Designers, DevOps, Legal, Finance and Accounting, Business Strategists, Customer Support, Digital Marketing as well all the Infrastructure support is focused on your needs to grow and scale.

Focused on
your needs

Our Management and support team are not only focused on paving the path to your success by providing funding and resources but also committed to your success by brining in a large distribution network and opportunities that would allow you to grow and scale your business in the shortest time possible.

Ash Rofail

General Partner

A multi-disciplined investor with deep expertise and experience in founding, operating, scaling and exiting enterprise technology companies. Ash received the distinguished award of Most Influential Executive in Washington DC by SmartCEO Magazine across all industries and companies with Headquarters in Washington DC Metro area. Ash focuses on the fundamentals and the discipline of building sustainable ventures

Mohamed Elagazy

Executive Partner

A thought leader in the telecommunication industry with deep expertise in building large scale global telecommunication infrastructure. As the chairman of the Pacific Telecom Council, Mohamed brings executive management expertise as well as thought leadership in telecom, data center development and infrastructure with the focus on maximizing energy efficiency. Mohamed was also a founding member of Gulf Bridge International (GBI) which helped build the global network for Verizon.

Yev Muchnik

Venture Partner

Is an entrepreneur, attorney, innovator, and founder of ESQLegal, a collaborative, coworking space for business solo attorneys and small firms serving the startup, technology and business sector. Yev brings international experience having worked in Europe, the middle east and far east Asia with interest in blockchain based technologies.

Alexander Rofail

Venture Partner

A product design professional, Alexander works closely with startups and other enterprises in defining product direction and roadmap with primary focus on product-market fit. Alexander is passionate about working with and helping startups achieve their target goals with emphasis on user experience and technology sustainability.

Iris Sherman

Venture Partner

Visionary leader, and entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience directing startups within life science and digital health market spaces. A key player in 6 successful technology ventures increasing revenue from seed to over $150 M with high valued returns to investors, Iris holds a BS in Health Science with advanced studies in Immunology along with MBA from Northeastern University.

Selwyn Abraham

Venture Partner

An international business leader who lead several global organizations in the United States, the UK and currently in India. Selwyn focuses on the Startup eco-system in India and manages the Accelerator cycle from the initial induction into the program through graduation and exit. Selwyn and his team in Chennai are very passionate about the future of the Startups in India with emphasis on creating a distribution channel for local startups into our channels in the US and Europe.

Andela Zuanic

Venture Analyst

A highly passionate communicator, Andela focuses on collaborating with startups throughout the accelerator and investment cycles. Andela’s primary goal is to engage with startups and oversee their needs throughout each step of their growth journey. With emphasis on economic assessment, Andela creates economic and financial models that helps startups meet their financial goals and targets.

Ismail El Said

Venture Analyst

With responsibility for the analysis of economic and financial models, Ismail is responsible for startups outreach and management of our Accelerator program including the coordination of activities, required resources, presentations and engagement with the startups with the rest of our support community.

Obsessed with
your success

We also always expanding our network of technology partners to bring you the best of breed foundation to build your startup on.

Our Technology Partners include: